best ultralight groundsheet

Ultralight Clothes Pegs for Hiking

How to dry your clothes when hiking? I have had a number of strategies. First I always wear clothing which is quick drying such as light weight ‘super wash’ wool and nylon for example. My first resort has always been my own body’s heat. For many years I would wash my clothes at the end …

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Inflatable Bathtub Groundsheet:

The lack of a bathtub floor is one of the chiefest comparative drawbacks of tarp camping vs tenting. I have been toying with this idea for some time. I used to usually collect some suitably lengthed dead branches and drape the edges of the tarp over them on the appropriate uphill side if rain threatened …

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Tarp Bathtub Groundsheet:

This is an interesting concept and should be easy enough to emulate in Tyvek. I had already tried to shape a groundcloth so the sides stood up like this, but without pegs or other supports it was less than perfect. Using some elastic cord to make it conform to the shape of one’s sleeping mat …

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