emergency communication

Somewear a 3 Ounce Satellite Messenger:

These clever folk have rethought the Epirb and Sat communicator with this lightweight device. It functions as a PLB with the touch of an SOS button but it can also send and receive SMS/email messages (up to 160 characters each). Each message also sends your precise geolocation. It is available on Kickstarter for US299 so …

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52 grams which keeps you in touch with other members of your party by texting with your phone, eg if they become separated. Works up to 6 kilometres even when there is no phone service. I think this is a good option for Della and me when hiking just in case. We carry whistles, but …

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The Poor Man’s Satellite Phone:

Delorme Inreach SE @ 190 grams is a good choice if you are in the market for a PLB or Satellite Phone. It is only slightly dearer (and heavier) than a stand-alone PLB (& so much cheaper than lighter than an Iridium Extreme) but with two way SMS messaging functionality from anywhere on earth. Whenever …

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