thor heyerdahl

Tim Severin – What a Guy!

WHAT a guy! Not many in modern times (save perhaps Thor Heyerdahl: have adventured like this chap, eg: The Brendan Voyage (1976–1977), The Sindbad Voyage (1980–1981), The Jason Voyage (1984), The Ulysses Voyage (1985), The China Voyage (May–November 1993), In Search of Moby Dick: Quest for the White Whale (1999):

Kon Tiki: Thor Heyerdahl

What an adventure it was: drifting across the entire Pacific Ocean to Polynesia on a balsa wood raft . The doco Thor made won the Academy Award. The book was translated into 70 languages and sold 50 million copies. If you haven’t read it, you should, and its successors, and fellow adventurer Bengt …

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