ultralight ground sheet

Ultralight Ground Sheet:

 If you are sensible and don’t use a tent, but instead sleep under a nice airy tarp, you may nonetheless want to protect your bottom and other expensive equipment with a ground sheet. As I have mentioned before a mylar space blanket (at about 50 grams) is good enough for this and does double duty …

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Bathtub Groundsheet Chair

As you can see I have completed the first prototype of this project which I have long threatened. I learned a lot in the process, so that there will be substantial changes between where it is at now and the completed project. Still, you can see that it works. I created four ‘sleeves’ along the …

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Ultralight Chair/Groundsheet:

I found this image on Pinterest but could not find who to recognise/praise for it (my apologies to the clever inventor). I have been going to make one of these (see: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/tarp-bathtub-groundsheet/) out of Tyvek (will be soon for my new tent). I think it will be a simple matter to add some ‘pockets’ as …

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