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Hiking Makhani Dal

You can make a delicious Makhani Dal for the trail very simply and inexpensively. The recipe below will make over a litre of dal which is more than Della and I can eat for a meal between us. If you want to halve the cooking time you can put the lentils in a zip lock …

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Is undoubtedly the most compact energy dense and sustaining breakfast to eat on the trail. Unfortunately the ‘instant’ versions of this staple have been so adulterated and laden with diabetes promoting nasties as to be almost downright dangerous. Here is Della’s ‘traditional’ porridge recipe. It is astonishing that it needs only one level teaspoon of …

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Hiking Meals: Continental Hearty Italian Minestrone

  & Hearty Garden Vegetable CupaSoups Soups: I have long lamented the dreadful quality (and undeserved price) of pretty much all backpacking meals. That’s why I have largely concentrated on recommending good supermarket meals which fill the bill: well-priced, tasty and nutritious, good calories per gram ratios, quick, energy efficient and easy to prepare & …

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