DRY BAGS: Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano:

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano:
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano:

Your choice with dry bags can save you quite a few grams. Without them, you could have some sadly wet gear and maybe a disastrous trip. You need to check the seam sealing on the inside of the bags before each trip to ensure they remain waterproof. If you have any doubt, pour a few litres of water into the bag, and see if any can find its way out. If it can, (other than at the opening) I KNOW Sea to Summit WILL replace them. I always use one of their pack liners and have had to swim rivers with my pack a number of times without getting anything inside wet! They have just brought out a new product line (the NANO) which promises 30% weight savings. I have not tried them yet, but I see that the four I currently use (pack liner, 13L, 8L and 1L) would save my 58.5grams! It all adds up. Neither have I tried zpacks’ but all their other products are excellent, and I might save slightly more with theirs (as well as better fitting them in my http://www.zpacks.com/ pack!) Here are some for comparison:


Zpacks: Pack Liner Dry Bag
44 L: weight: 1.9 oz. / 54 grams price: $39.95Dry Bag

2.2 L: weight: .6 oz. / 17 grams price: $16.95
4 L: weight: .7 oz. / 20 grams price: $19.95
5.6 L: weight: .85 oz. / 24 grams price: $22.959.5 L: weight: .95 oz. / 27 grams price: $25.95
12.3 L: weight: 1.1 oz. / 31 grams price: $28.95Roll Top Blast Food Bag
12.3 L : weight: 1.4 oz. / 40 grams price: $29.95

Sea to Summit: Ultra-Sil® Pack Liners


SizePack VolumeOval base x HeightWeight
Small< 50L(49 x 16) x 79cm74g
Medium< 70L(51 x 20) x 90cm98g
Large< 90L(55 x 25) x 122cm126g

Sea to Summit: UltraSil® Dry Sacks

ø11 x 24cm1L20g
ø13 x 29cm2L23g
ø15 x 33cm4L26g
ø17 x 46cm8L30g
ø22 x 53cm13L40g
ø25 x 61cm20L50g
ø30 x 70cm35L65g

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Waterproof Dry Sack: Sizing and Specifications

 VolumeOval Base x Height (cms)Weight (gms)
1 Litre(13 x 7.5) x 2413 g
2 Litre(15 x 9.5) x 28.516 g
4 Litre(17 x 11.2) x 3319 g
8 Litre(20 x 15) x 4724 g
13 Litre(22.5 x 16.5) x 5227.5 g
20 Litre(26 x 20) x 6336 g
35 Litre(31 x 25) x 7046 g



Size*ColorLength x WidthVolumeWeight
XXSlime16 x 14 x 7 cm1 l12 g
XSorange21 x 14 cm3 l19 g
Syellow30 x 16 cm5 l24 g
Mred35 x 18 cm8 l28 g
Lblue42 x 22 cm13 l34 g
XLemerald green46 x 25 cm22 l41 g
XXLcyan52 x 30 cm40 l61 g


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