Capillary Mat Plant Starters:

2016-04-20 08.24.01 comp

Workings: Smart Valve left rear.

Why Are My Seedlings Leggy? This teaser caught my attention and inspired me to talk about my new capillary mat seedling starters. I have used a ‘Smart Valve’ ( to regulate the water in the cat litter tray, a cut down plant tray, a couple of used containers and some polyester felt from Spotlight to create them – and they work a treat!

2016-04-20 08.23.41 comp

Ready to plant.

You have to thoroughly wet the felt and potting mix to get the system started. Pictured are seedlings which came up and looked after themselves during our trip to NZ/. Today is bookmarked to plant them out and start some more. With this system every week I will start and plant out the seedlings which we will later harvest and eat so that we can be sure of a constant supply of fresh vegies.

2016-04-20 08.23.27 comp

After a couple of weeks.

You can see Bok Choy (two plantings) , Daikon, Kohl Rabi etc doing well in the photos:

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