Best Deer Hunter’s Cap, Best Ultralight Cap:

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At 76 grams in 61% Merino wool, 19% Tencel, 14% Nylon, 6% Lycra these are just the best caps I have ever found. (Black colour only) Your head stays drier and either cooler/warmer (depending on season) than any other head wear … Continued

More about DIY PFDs: 114 grams

You can make a lighter non compliant PFD which you fill with other inflatable items, eg Platypus bottles (I carry a 1 and 2 litre bottle, pillows (I carry the Exped Ultralight), wine bladders (who doesn’t have a few of … Continued

Vapor Barrier:

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Whether in hot wet or cold weather humidity is one of the biggest problems. For example, you must never breathe inside your sleeping bag (or sweat). You are filling it with water which must be evaporated, so you are making … Continued

Inflatable Insulated Clothing:

 I am surprised this idea has not taken off more given that it is (trapped) air which is the insulator in all warm clothing, the more air trapped per unit weight being the yardstick for cross comparison. A product known … Continued

Rain Skirt:

If you are like me and find rain pants too hot and restrictive to walk in you may find a rain skirt or kilt will keep your lower body from the knees up much drier and more comfortable. You can … Continued

A Soft Pillow and a Warm Bed Under the Stars:

 Comfort. That’s what it’s really all about. A few extra ounces ought not to be sacrificed to inadequate rest. That’s why we always carry our Cyclone Chairs ( @ 180 grams so we can really enjoy the time at the … Continued

Andrew Skurka on Down Versus Synthetic

‘Down and synthetics both have pros and cons. Down is: Warmer for its weight, More compressible, and Longer-lasting. Synthetics are: Less expensive, More humane (no live plucking), and Less adversely affected by moisture. In specific regard to the issue of … Continued

Ultralight Gaiters:

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I admit I had not just realised how much mud (and grass seeds) a pair of lightweight ankle gaiters would keep out of your shoes/socks. Della wore a pair of Sea to Summit ones on our recent South Coast Track … Continued

Unbearable Lightness of Being:

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Of course there must be some (lower) limit to how light things can go. It seems insulated clothing & sleeping bags are about to experience one of those quantum falls. Introducing Aerogel & Graphene: You can already buy Aerogel … Continued

Ultralight Mitts and Gaiters:

Mountain Laurel Designs: Event Rain Mitts: Della and I both have a 42  gram pair of these. I can tell you they are well made and durable, and enormously welcome when cold rain would otherwise result in frozen hands (I … Continued

Tyvek Jack Russell (Rain) Coat: 13 grams!

My little chaps can get quite wet and cold if we are in the bush for long days in the winter so I thought I would treat them to some waterproofing. Surprisingly, my first effort worked very well – you … Continued

Fishing with Floss:

  It comes in a small plastic box that fits comfortably in your pocket. The 50 metres of cordage inside can be completely withdrawn and tied onto a pole for conventional fishing. Alternatively you can tie an overhand knot on … Continued

Foot Care:

  Sneakers and runners are one of the best choices (for light weight – but bear in mind foot PROTECTION) providing they will not puncture too readily from below (or from the side) and (IF – check!) they are still … Continued

More Fun With Sticky Tape: Ultralight Mylar Vest:

23 grams that may save your life. See also: Patterns will follow Eventually) Se also:

Fun with Sticky Tape: Mylar Poncho:

49 grams and five minutes that may Save your Life: Follow the instructions here:  As you can see you can sit down against a tree in front of a fire wearing it and be perfectly dry – with a … Continued

Hole-less Poncho/Shelter/Hammock Tarp:

  Here is  my poncho/shelter which I promised some time ago. When we first made this (back in 2000 – for my first ‘moose hunting’ trip to Supper Cove, Fiordland) there was no such thing as a waterproof zip. As … Continued

Ultra-cheap, Ultralight Rain Gear:

Neat idea: Jacket =149 grams; Chaps = 74 grams:  Youtube video: