Guaranteed for Life

These ‘Darn Tough’ socks are just beaut! You can see on the packet that they are ‘guaranteed for life’. I don’t suppose they will last forever really, but at least they will definitely last through a very long hike which many socks will not so that you can omit carrying a spare pair – which will save you a few ounces. There are people who say a single pair has lasted them a through-hike of a couple of thousand miles – which is pretty good! Evidently they will replace them if you wear them out. You can’t do better than that!

I haven’t had mine so long but I can report that they are also very comfortable, and may be made of our wool (we are sheep farmers), which is very agreeable also. These are a winter(ish) pair. Very soft inside, but not too hot for Spring/Autumn. They also have summer-weight ones. A huge range actually. They are often available on Massdrop at a discounted price, which might be useful if you live in Australia too – as they seem to be able to send stuff here economically still -Aside: I recently received a small item from the States in a box that must have been nearly a cubic foot for less than A$15. If they tried, they could get goods to us cheaply. Anyway Massdrop does, so look out for a pair of these socks when they come up there. It is such a nuisance the way Amazon and Rei etc won’t send to Oz any more (Turnbull’s fault – a great legacy!).

Mind you, I haven’t tried buying them direct yet, so give it a go: They are great socks. Notice the ‘search’ facility on the left hand side which allows you to choose socks for height, material, size, weight etc, eg: They appear to only ship to the US.

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