Bore Sight:

This is just about the best $20 I have ever spent. All my rifles were just a little bit ‘out’. My 22 Magnum was way out. Foxes around here will now have to watch out. Thanks eBay:

Thrilling Tales: Sir Samuel Baker:

Hunting sambar with spears/knives has been illegal in Victoria for a long time but was once the normal preferred ethical way of hunting them. Of course most such hunters used dogs as well (coursers/hounds), but such a method of hunting … Continued

Bugasalt Shotgun

Every child (in us) should own one of these to help eradicate Australia’s ‘national bird’ the blowfly:

Uses for Antlers:

For many years’ hunting I was completely uninterested in antlers: the bones and antlers were only so much weight to carry out of the bush, so I carried out only the meat; some for the dogs, some for the family. … Continued

Lever Actions:

Think about this: Colonel Townsend Whelen could reportedly hit man-sized target at 200 yards using the bolt action, open-sighted M1903 Springfield .30/06 service rifle, scoring six hits in ten seconds flat, could do it on command – and trained thousands … Continued

Adler A110 Shotgun:

Ah, Shotguns…Adler A110: Isn’t THIS nice?  Forget the ‘Bucket List’ Bring on the Birthday List – or the Xmas List: From A$749: & I understand you can now use a 12G shotgun for sambar deer. This rapid-fire … Continued

The Ultimate Survival Gun:

My first one of these was my Armalite AR-7 .22 calibre. What a beautiful little gun it is: the way it folded up into its own stock with its 8 shot magazine is just excellent. At 1100 grams (2.5 pounds) … Continued

Smithsonian Multi-Tool Circa 1880

Even contains a PISTOL! Might be a little hard to lug around though. If you hanker to be a an ultralight hiker, you might decide to trim this down a little but, but the pistol could be handy for scaring … Continued

Gun Law Reform

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Gun Law Reform gone wrong: What explains the drastic decline in violent crime, specifically between 1500 and 1900? And its increase SINCE 1900? ‘That’s a 17,544% increase in England’s assault crime over the past 100 years.’ The decline in gun … Continued

Lightweight Hiking Links

Interested in lightweight HIKING? This set of Links will set you off on some wonderful adventures… eg Brasslite alcohol stoves, down booties, Rutalocura products inc carbon fibre trekking poles & Tenkara fly rods for same, pack rifles, etc: Titanium … Continued