Packable Rifle

A packable .22 Winchester Magnum rifle at under 1 pound has to be a useful thing to own, surely?

‘PRK is short for Pack Rifle Kit. The PRK converts your Crickett or Chipmunk youth rifle into a light weight, take down pack rifle. The PRK replaces the barrel and stock of of your Crickett or Chipmunk rifle with light weight alternatives, shaving 1 pound 10 ounces out of the OEM version. The barrel is constructed of a carbon fiber outer, with aluminum components joining the carbon fiber outer to the Cro-Moly steel, button rifled barrel liner.

The carbon fiber tube stock is simple and functional, it is made of carbon fiber and aluminum tube.  The stock is hollow, with an ID of .875 Inches by 11 Inches deep for storage. The PRK has 13-5/8 Inch length of pull for adult frames. We recommend having a gunsmith install the PRK, but for those of you that are mechanically inclined, it is relatively simple. This is a Kit that consists of a barrel and a stock, it is not a complete rifle. You have to provide a Crickett or Chipmunk rifle to put this kit on.

.22LR Kits require a .22LR Cricket, Magnums require that you start with a magnum Crickett’

I’m sure ingenious DIY Gunsmiths could think of a couple of ways to either cut the weight down a bit more (eg shorten the barrel, hollow out the bolt) or to increase its hitting power a mite eg by moving it up to .22 magnum. I notice that Rotalocura (aka The Titanium Goat – he has lots of wonderful stuff) supply a carbon fibre 4.25 oz (121 grams) barrel for US$200 (Aug 2018) as well as the kit.

Available here: &

This is another option The Pack Rifle at 15.5 oz (442 grams):

It is much harder to load, but has other interesting features such as a fishing rod – and it is available in Australia apparently:

US$425 (August 2018)

I fancy one of these pack rifles to offset the increasing danger that dingoes present when camping in the wild.

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