Thermarest Vesper Quilt

Thermarest have a new down quilt, the Vesper, available soon. It comes in 32F at 15 oz (0C & 428 grams) and 20F at 19 oz (-7C & 542 grams) and  insulated with Nikwax treated down. I would pair one with either their new Uber mat at 8.8 oz (250 grams) for summer or with a Neoair X-Lite Womens (340 grams at R=3.9 & 5’6”/168 cm) or an X-Therm (430 grams at R = 5.7 & 6’0” /183 cm – 394 grams at 5’6”) for cooler weather.

PS; It is getting relatively easy to buy a one man tent at around half a kilogram (Big Agnes have some, for example) or a pack for similar – so that your four big items (plus a raincoat) should not weigh any more than about 2 kilograms.

PPS: You may fund that the Enlightened Equipment Quilt is significantly cheaper especially if you buy it from Massdrop.

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