Enginesaver: Low Engine Water Alarm:



For many years we have had these fitted to our Subarus and Land Rovers. I also add a Piezo wired in (in parallel) with the Low Oil Sensor light so that an audible alarm sounds when oil pressure is low. The low oil sensor is almost always on the earth side (ie screwed into the block), so such a piezo is very easy to fit. This way you have a light and audible alarm when the oil or water is low. Of course both alarms sound every time you turn on the key (before the engine starts) but you get used to this a lot more quickly than you do to the (alternative) huge cost of repairs. These two modifications will definitely prevent you ‘cooking’ your engine and save you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement engines. Usually the cause is a leaky water hose or a failing oil pump, quite inexpensive to fix. Once I had a chunk of rock stove a huge hole in my radiator which dumped all the water before I even noticed. On another occasion a very similar thing happened to the oil. Since I have fitted these I have prevented engine loss several times. http://www.enginesaver.com.au/ Can be fitted to most types of car. Kits are available for specific models. Kits for Land Rover here: http://www.enginesaver.com.au/landy1.htm

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