Twin Shock Absorbers:

You may not know you can fit twin shocks front and rear to improve handling on rough roads or under heavy loads. I already fitted twin shocks to the rear of our vehicle and it made a huge difference. Pictured … Continued

New Tyvek ‘Forester’ Tent Design:

I have been playing with Col. Whelen’s famous ‘Forester’ Tent design: I have certainly come to the conclusion that the classic A-frame tent sloping away to the back has seldom been bettered. I reduced some of his dimensions and … Continued

Eyesight and Hearing: Cheap

Zenni & The Hearing Company: As we age eyes (and ears) impose unwanted expenses. Some of these can be avoided by buying your glasses here (as we do). Medicare after all covers the prescription cost – so it is yours. … Continued

Thrilling Tales: ‘The Road to Endor’

By E.H Jones is simply the most amazing true escape story, ever. I have been recommending it to people for fifty years but it has largely been out of print. I have not owned a copy myself for most of … Continued

Hand Drilling Water Wells:

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This hand made cutter has successfully hand drilled many hundreds of metres of water wells. For example, on our Hazelwood flats farm we drilled 10 times 25 metre deep 100mm diameter bores which collectively provided enough water to irrigate 50 … Continued

McKenzie’s Quick Cook Minestrone Soup

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At first glance these excellent tasty mixtures might seem a bit too lean for backpacking, but I used half the recommended water, so a packet made up to one litre with water (so it would fit in my 1100 ml … Continued