The Ultra Light Hiker


I’m sure most of you are familiar with the best-selling young adult’s story ‘Hatchet’ by Gary Paulsen, which spawned the film Cry in the Wild and a heap of sequels. I guess it was inspired by the classic Heinlein SF … Continued

Thrilling Tales: 37 Days of Peril

You can survive: Truly alone in the wilderness: Lost in Yellowstone for 37 days pretty much without equipment, food, clothing or shelter. ‘After wandering away from the rest of the expedition on September 9, 1870, Everts managed to lose the … Continued

Thrilling Tales: The DIY Motorcycle:

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Emile Leray built a working motorbike from a broken down car to escape the African desert: ‘A Frenchman has found fame over 20 years later after pulling off a remarkable escape from the Moroccan desert – by building a motorbike … Continued

Thrilling Tales: ‘The Road to Endor’

By E.H Jones is simply the most amazing true escape story, ever. I have been recommending it to people for fifty years but it has largely been out of print. I have not owned a copy myself for most of … Continued