Thrilling Tales: ‘The Road to Endor’


By E.H Jones is simply the most amazing true escape story, ever. I have been recommending it to people for fifty years but it has largely been out of print. I have not owned a copy myself for most of that time – the dangers of lending books to ‘friends’! Now once more I can: You can download an epub etc version of it here: I just have. It will be on my phone in a minute to read again tonight. I am astonished this astounding escapade (I am not going to spoil it for you) has never been made into a film, but perhaps it is just too hard to believe, yet it is true. The scenario did not imply Turks were stupid; indeed gullibility is an epidemic disease. E.H. Jones is no relation (so far as I know – worse luck!). Later in life he became famous (as I’m sure you know) as Freud’s biographer. A seriously clever chap. Do read this book. And may I re-remind you about the last war book I recommended: What a world we live in where so much (great literature etc) is free! I assume you have also discovered Project Gutenberg: as well as the Internet Archive – the archive also has some wonderful films; explore a little.

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