2WD Folding Motorbike:

Here’s just the thing to cut up those bush tracks even more – or you could think about walking, and saving both your money and the bush! http://www.moto2x2.com/en/  & http://newatlas.com/taurus-2×2-2wd-fat-wheel-motorcycle/44616/?li_source=LI&li_medium=default-widget See also: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/rokon-scout-a-2wd-motorbike/      

Rokon Scout, a 2WD motorbike:

  I like the green colour. If you find muscle power alone won’t get you where you want to go any more. You might try one of these: https://www.rokon.com/bikes/scout Would be a fitting accompaniment to your Mokai: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/?s=mokai See also: … Continued