The Poor Man’s Satellite Phone:

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Delorme Inreach SE @ 190 grams is a good choice if you are in the market for a PLB or Satellite Phone. It is only slightly dearer (and heavier) than a stand-alone PLB (& so much cheaper than lighter than an Iridium Extreme) but with two way SMS messaging functionality from anywhere on earth. The service is also much cheaper than a satellite phone. You can load maps on it and use it as a GPS. You can pair it with your mobile phone to make it even more user friendly. It has a tracking function which can notify your friends every few minutes of your exact location (people can even ‘ping’ you to trigger your location) – and of course it has an SOS button which will bring emergency services if you need rescuing. The fact that it has two-way messaging will mean that unnecessary rescues will be reduced enormously.  The internal battery wlll last a trip up to 10 days, but of course can be recharged on the go eg with one of these: More details here: and here:

This is also a really handy lightweight (50 gram) device for keeping in touch:

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