Crepuscular Birdsong

Crepuscular birdsong why? Interesting to see this question answered in the latest New Scientist: it is because there is a temperature inversion then and sounds transmit better. Hope to live long enough to hear it again in our silent bushfire-ravaged forests.

Bee-eater Wonnangatta River just above Waterford Bridge (Jan 2018).

Update: Further to my post about ‘crepuscular birdsong’ we are able to report that birds are slowly returning to the Wonnangatta (but it is – what? – four years since the fire/s and there are still so few of them). My earlier observation that the fire selectively spared birds which nested in hollow trees or river bank holes is I think confirmed – to Della’s delight there are lots of grey thrushes (or ‘Cho Cho Wee’ birds as she prefers to call them).

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