Great Inventions

15/12/11: Other great inventions: the (1) Themarest Neo air (regular 370g) shown made into a chair using the (2) Big Agnes Cyclone Chair (150g) in the photo: ‘Tyvek wigwam’! All that is needed to make this scene perfect is Bacardi 151 (and Della, of course!)

15/12/11: The faux & real pack raft & the Tyvek wigwam


15/12/11: Another great invention of the C21st (apart from the faux packraft) is the truncated tetrahedron Tyvek ‘wigwam’ again more or less a Jones original. This is just the best shelter/tent ever. Have now spent SO many nights warm and dry in front of an open fire in this wonderful shelter. Room for two and lots of gear to sleep, sit, stand (or for 4-5 to sit and yarn) in front of a warm fire in the rain & can be easily built for less than $50 and will weigh less than 1 kg, including groundsheet. It is beautiful to boot and sounds great in the rain. ‘The miracles of science’.

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