Nature the Opportunist

On a more cheerful note, I am always delighted at the way ‘nature’ exploits any change as a positive: we have a puddle outside our bedroom window created by the device which flushes the bird poo off the roof every time it rains instead of putting it in the tank. It is a treasure, an oasis to countless birds and other critters. I have often noticed this: that some utter ugliness merely creates an opportunity. There is a ‘wasteland’ sand pit in Morwell which is just an apocalyptic landscape – except to plovers and osprey who find it the most wonderful breeding location! I once created an ugly slash of bulldozer track across the hillside. Visible for miles it was the object of many adverse comments. But this vertical bank was just what many snakes and lizards had been longing for. One day I observed a veritable flock (hundreds) of pardelotes emerging from nesting holes there; I think I had only ever seen a pair together elsewhere. National Parks as a tool for ‘managing’ nature are obviously a mistake – because of their Stalinist monolithic philosophy. What ‘nature’ really responds to is diversity. We should quit worrying about ‘managing’ nature and just get on with our business (whatever it is). Nature will benefit from the diversity of ‘opportunities’ created.

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