Ultralight Canadian Canoe


Only 13 Kilograms! Now available in Oz: Velcro on a silnylon skirt and THIS could be just about the perfect one-person touring white water canoe: http://www.oldtowncanoe.com.au/canoes/packangler.html, and now that Della needs to be paddled http://www.theultralighthiker.com/pack-raft-saves-the-day/ THIS could be our new two-person touring canoe for flat water and moderate rapids. Can easily see us spending a leisurely couple of weeks gliding along in it on a quiet river somewhere. (Also comes in colour = green, my preference – believe it or not!): http://www.oldtowncanoe.com.au/canoes/guide147.html As you can see, Della bought two for mat for my birthday – and here we are trying them out with the two dogs on the Macalister River. Bliss!

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