Stealth Camping



We have been off ‘stealth camping’ for a few days in our trayback camper on the Defender. Each night we have been able to chose a delightful spot in one of our National Parks, Marine Reserves, etc where there is an icon illustrating a tent crossed out (Well, we don’t have a tent!) and another of a dog (clearly not TWO Jack Russells such as we have with us) also crossed out. We are SUCH law-abiding folks. We have encountered no other campers or gendarmes. We decided if officionadoes approached us we would point to our mouths and make strange gargling noises until they went away. I know some would say, ‘What if everyone did as we are doing?’ Well, more campsites would be needed for one thing, and for another there would be no chance of their prosecuting ‘Everyone’.


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