Astonishing Hiking Equipment by Zpacks

These two young people make some astonishing hiking equipment, including fully functioning packs ( from 255 grams (Della & I both walked across Tasmania carrying one of these), This 2 person ‘tent’ ( from 133 grams, this double groundsheet/poncho combo ( from 173 grams, a sub zero sleeping bag ( from 376 grams and a breathable raincoat ( from 127 grams.  Astonishing that they can get pack 255 + tent 133 + raincoat 173 + sleeping bag 376 to under one kilogram (937 grams)! For most hikers EACH of these items would weigh over one kilo! Joe’s latest ‘dry back’ pack ( @ 440 grams is definitely on my wish list. Also GREAT people to deal with.


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