Snowy River

Recently Della and I circumnavigated the Snowy River in our Defender and and camper ( The area up around McKillops Bridge remains today an isolated place to live. It must have been much moreso eg when the Ambon Settlement was founded as a soldier settlement scheme after WW1 (there remains an interesting historic suspension bridge constructed so that the poor farmers there could get their produce to market – though it certainly could not have been fresh produce) and one wonders how they coped when a child was sick. Even today education is a major difficulty with the only school in the district (at Tubbutt) having only Two students but otherwise obviating many hours’ travel per day. I could not help but sorrow at the dreadful effect that the ‘latte set’ is having on people’s lives there. Successive ‘green’ policies have stolen their grazing, logging and farming neighbours and converted their land into ill-managed (and seldom visited – especially by the chattering classes) ‘National’ Parks from which periodically they are attacked by dreadful, unnecessary unstoppable wildfires. (Not to mention introduced animals, vermin and weeds). One can see the successive waves of regrowth from the more recent fires along their hillsides as their pastures have been overtaken by a profusion of native weeds (aka gums/wattles etc) which they have had neither time nor money to remove. Again ‘green’ policies mean they cannot re-clear them or even plough fields which once shipped wheat to Sydney or Melbourne if they have lain fallow for a scant ten years. The struggle to make a living in such an unforgiving place means they are slowly slipping away, leaving the burden of enormous work to fewer and fewer, abandoning the work of their parents and grandparents without a penny to show for it, leaving abandoned farmhouses and fences leaning and weathering away into the landscape. I have often thought (and said) that there should be an open season on ‘Greens’. When I visit these wild places and see what a dreadful impact ‘green’ policies are having on them, I am moved to recommend May as a good time – being after the Duck, Hog deer and Red deer seasons. There should be no size or bag limits! and no exceptions!

McKillops Bridge:

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