Alcohol Simmer Stoves


Alcohol simmer stoves: these Brasslite stoves are GREAT – I have the ‘Turbo 1-D’ (47 grams) and the ‘Trailbaker’: Aaron now makes leg extensions for them to improve stability. these would be excellent providing you can fit them in your pot (Check!)

PS: These make a great gift. They are cheap, attractive and beautifully made.

Another interesting simmer stove is the They may take up a little more room in your pot, but work well and are very stable.

I previously used the lightest  Minibull Designs stove ( which weighs only 7 grams. It is also a great stove. It is exclusively a ‘boiler’, so ‘fancy’ cooking such as frying or simmering is very difficult. I still take it on superlight overnight trips where I carry only a day pack, or as an extra stove.

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