Pack Weight Reduction Tips

Though still a bit stiff and sore (I think mainly from the VERY hot walk on Wednesday afternoon) I am pretty happy to be still able to walk 20+km a day carrying a pack (even in fairly rugged country).
Of course it helps if you can reduce the weight of the contents of your pack (including the pack weight itself).

Some tips:
Zpacks sell cuben fibre packs which weigh from less than 230 grams,
Include a Sea to Summit ultrasil pack liner bag and another for your bag and clothes in case you have to swim!
Sub-zero sleeping bags from 397 grams
Two person tents (inc poncho floor) less than 350 grams
Gossamer Gear’s carbon fibre hiking poles are @100 grams each (a MUST! They reduce walking effort – and falls – by 30%+)
Trail Designs will sell you a three fuel cookset which weighs under 250 grams
Montbell’s  ultra light super-stretch down sleeping bags are wonderfully comfy and their down vests and jackets (or synthetic if you plan on getting wet) are very light weight (and GREAT!).
We wear Columbia lightweight nylon shirts and trousers.
Wigwam make GREAT socks (Tip: always wear liner socks; use blister pads immediately if you develop a sore spot!)
Thermarest’s new Women’s Neoair Xlite mat is 340 grams and R3.9 – the most comfortable sleep you have ever had.
We are each wearing Keen hiking shoes at the moment (my sandal models are less than 350 grams ea in size 8, probably HALF the weight of the shoes YOU are wearing. THIS makes an ENORMOUS difference.
TIP: Don’t worry about getting your feet wet, but do weigh your shoes when wet: some brands MORE than DOUBLE in weight when wet!

Happy trails!

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