Single AAA Head Torch

I see Fenix has a new SINGLE AAA head torch, the HL 10 ( weighing 42.5 grams including the head elastic. I have been using their LD 01 coupled with a couple of O-rings, one micro-cord lock and some hat elastic for this purpose but this arrangement doesn’t point well (due to the shape of heads = just above where the eyes focus. If you replace the Fenix headband with the above arrangement you should have a torch which points where you want it @ less than 20 grams (discluding battery). Of course, as an emergency back-up torch we also carry a ‘Photon Freedom’ @ 6.2 grams including battery ( The cord in the Photon Freedom photo can be used to transform it into a head torch: at just over 6 grams it is probably the lightest head torch.

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