Titanium Ultralight Stove

P17 - Napsiktok A

This guy’s ultralight stove set-ups are astonishing. Imagine a wood stove which weighs 22 grams http://www.suluk46.com/products%20%20-%20P17%20Napsiktok%20Stove.html! Or a Titanium version of the ‘Bushbuddy’ (http://bushbuddy.ca/) that weighs only 78 grams! For the real ultralighter, there is a 2-fuel pot and stove combo that weighs 45 grams!http://www.suluk46.com/products.html Comparable products are Trail Design’s Ti Tri (http://www.traildesigns.com/stoves/caldera-ti-tri) and Evernew’s DX (http://www.evernewamerica.com/EBY257.htm)

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