Waterproof Split-Toe Socks?

Waterproof split-toe socks: you would THINK the Japanese (& others) who wear nothing but thongs would have long since invented them, but it seems they do NOT exist! However, I have modified my ultralight thongs into ultralight adjustable ‘thandels’ (@ 61 grams per pair) so that I can wear them with my seal skin waterproof socks making them into a useful pair of waterproof hut booties with very tough soles. The commercial alternative are these at 1.7 oz per pair. Their down socks sound great too: https://goosefeetgear.com/products/2-waterproof-over-booties

Now available here: https://www.scubastore.com/scuba-diving/camaro-split-toe-flip-flop-socks-2-mm/603920/p A$31.95 (Aug 2018)

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