Hiking Pants


A pair of hiking pants which you can wear for 365 days and even sleep in which weigh 75 grams and a raincoat that you can ALSO sleep in @ 123 grams. That’s REAL weight saving: http://hikelighter.com/2012/01/26/montbell-dynamo-wind-pants/http://hikelighter.com/2013/11/07/zpacks-rain-jacket/

Update: I bought a pair of these as a dry change pair and for sleeping in – and they are fine.
Montbell also make a matching top which is unfortunately not available in my size, but in my wife’s size weighs about 50 grams! It is called the Tachyon (available in an anorak).

Tachyon Anorak:


A change of clothes at under 200 grams!

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