Upper Yarra Track

Thomas Osburg has some wonderful resources about the Upper Yarra Track and other Yarra Ranges matters at his excellent website here: http://www.yarrarangesbushcamp.com/ (see also under ‘More’), such as this photo from http://www.yarrarangesbushcamp.com/yarra-track-1895.html :


There you will also find reports of a 1928 expedition (with lots of interesting photos): http://www.yarrarangesbushcamp.com/warburton-to-walhalla-1928-easter-expedition.html

Also see some interesting photos of the “O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail which (I believe) forms an alternative walk to part of the Warburton-Lilydale Rail Trail (to Millgrove at least) : http://www.yarrarangesbushcamp.com/oshannassy-aqueduct.html (& also see:http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks/yarra-ranges-national-park/things-to-do/oshannessy-aqueduct-trail)

He has HUNDREDS of enchanting historical photographs, eg here: http://www.yarrarangesbushcamp.com/historic-photographs-yarra-ranges-national-park.html

also this excellent sketch map of the Yarra Falls vicinity (which should be viewed in conjunction with 25K Vicmaps: Matlock South 8122-4-S and NoojeeNorth 8122-3-N):


It is approx .8 km from the Yarra Junction to the Main Falls, so this gives some perspective. The old track which parallels Falls Creek on the true right bank (facing downstream) is between 100-200 metres from the stream. You can see there used to be a viewing track dropping down from it to 200 metresbelow the Main Falls. It is less than .5km from the Main Falls to the bottom of the Minor Falls, then about .25km from there to the top of the Minor Fallsand about .5km back to the Forty Mile Break Rd (in the vicinity of hill 968). They ARE Spectacular falls:


As well there is an excellent facsimile (mentioned elsewhere) of Dr Annie Hoffa’s account of her 1928 walk along the track (‘The Real Thing’):  http://www.yarrarangesbushcamp.com/dr-annie-yoffas-1928-walk-from-warburton-to-walhalla.html

See main page: http://www.finnsheep.com/THE%20UPPER%20YARRA%20WALKING%20TRACK.htm

and http://www.finnsheep.com/Track%20Instructions.htm


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