Yarra Falls

Mystery Falls First Cascade.

A reader writes: ‘We decided to use the day searching for the lost ‘Yarra’ Falls. Quite a lot of bush bashing (nearly three hours in, one and a quarter out) brought us to the top of the first cascade, No #1 of SIX (!) which plummet hundreds of metres down the valley!) Perhaps Victoria’s greatest treasure!

Rather a lot more bush bashing may be needed on a future day to view the other four ‘minor’ falls, followed by the Main Falls.

PS: There is a marked track to the Falls from Hill ‘956’ off 40 Mile Break Rd. There is still a bit of bush bashing.’

See also: http://www.finnsheep.com/THE%20UPPER%20YARRA%20WALKING%20TRACK.htm

Mystery Falls First Cascade (1 of 6). This minor fall plunges approx 20 metres.

Mystery Falls creek

Mystery Falls Creek

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