More pack weight savings: now 2kg less!

Already a lightweight hiker, I have nonetheless managed to shave off nearly 2kg from my pack weight in prep for our next foray into the Fiordland wilderness.
These were amongst the savings:

Cuben Raincoat (save 334 grams),
Waterproof Over Booties (save 365 grams),
Extra Light Down Jacket (save 200 grams),
New Pot & Stove Combo (save 165 grams),
New Waterproof Camera Sony Cyber Shot DSC-TX200V ( Save 170 grams),
Lightweight Dry Clothes eg Tachyon wind jacket (@ 1.6oz & Dynamo pants @2.6oz by Montbell (save 498 grams)

Compared to our South Coast walk in Tasmania in 2011 my pack weight is down OVER 4.5 kg.
I should be carrying UNDER 10kg at the beginning of our Fiordland walk (including 10 days’ food (& rum!)

Waterproof Over Booties

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