Off to Fiordland

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Expect a break from me: tomorrow I am off for ten days’ hiking in Fiordland. In the unlikely event that I capture a photo of a live moose, I will come back $100,000 richer as there is a prize offered. I have seen one, and have seen much sign over the years: tracks, browse, fewmets…so I am in with a chance. Wish me luck. In any case, be assured I will enjoy myself in that vast wilderness.

Photo Above: Loch Marie from the air as you fly roughly South down the Seaforth Valley (if you are lucky enough. Do!) . The hut is at the head of the lake (bottom, centre). The lake is full of tree stumps still standing from when it was created by a giant slip many years ago. The track from Hauroko crosses the river on the sandbar (left). The track to the Dusky and to Lake Manapouri is along the true right bank. It is only about two minutes by air from here to Supper Cove but more like seven hours on foot!

Supper Cove Hut from the air.


Of course I would like to get a photo like this taken by Les Murrell in the 1920s of two bulls standing in the Seaforth River.

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