Hunting: Wonnangatta

Our kitchen sink: the last few days. My son in law Matt and I just spent four days hiking/hunting a day’s walk away from the car in the Wonnangatta-Moroka National Park. Never have competition for who does the washing up at home, but this setting/plumbing makes a difference I guess…


We always camp in an open shelter (something like this) with an open fire out the front. So warm and cozy even on cold, wet days. This shelter is very easy to make. It consists of a square of Tyvek ‘Homewrap’ (available Bunnings in 30 metre rolls) 8’ x 8’ square. The ‘wings’ consist of another square the same size cut in half. One of these can be cut right off the roll; the other has to be sewn or stuck on (using Tyvek tape). (You end up with an isosceles triangle @ 16′ x 23′ x 16′ on which you pitch like this. You can bring the ‘wings’ in towards the tree if rain/wind moves around to that direction – which it almost never does!) The tie-outs are tarp holders from Aussie Disposals, or you can use these:


All your gear stays dry back in the rear of the ‘tent’ and there is room at the front for dry kindling. I like it that there is room to stand and move around (as well as stay dry on wet days),

And, ‘Yes’, we always see lots of deer (and harvest the odd one to take home as a souvenir)! We also see lots of other interesting creatures. For example a platypus has its home in the bank right next to this camp. We often see him swimming in the river as we do our dishes. Morning and evening the hills ring with birdsong – and the mournful howls of wild dogs!

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