George Bass Coastal Walk

I couldn’t have had a better day. We took a drive down to the coast and a couple of hours walking with the dogs along the George Bass Coastal Walk (near Kilcunda). The weather was warm and dry (albeit overcast) and the only regret was that there was insufficient light to walk further. Spot was dazzled by the feel of running on sand, and did many excited high speed circuits just for the hell of it! How lovely it is to see the pure joy of a young dog! Tiny enjoyed herself too, but in a more dignified manner! Finally we topped it off with a splendid meal at McCartins Hotel in Leongatha (the Seniors’ menu is to be recommended, if you qualify!).

You can find some information about the George Bass Coastal Walk here: 
This can be combined with the Bass Coast Rail Trail: ( to make a walk from San Remo to Wonthaggi.
It would be nice if a little more work/instruction could be implemented to take it all the way to Wilsons Prom. For example, there is no real problem with walking from Point Smyth Reserve (Venus Bay) to Bear Gully (Walkerville South) – though you have to climb up and around Cape Lipptrap. You would hope that eventually you could walk ALL of Victortia’s coast. There is a well-marked walk all the way from the South Australian border to Geelong. There is no obstacle to walking the ninety mile beach (except availability of water!).
There is a walk from @ Bemm River to Eden called the Wilderness Coast Walk (19 days!) (
Here and there a packraft might be handy to get yourself across the odd river or coastal inlet.

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