Ultralight Multi Fuel Stove & Cookset

29 GRAM multi-fuel stove. I wouldn’t have thought it could get any better than this:



Well, it DOES…
I bent three of these 1 gram titanium tent pegs (http://www.amazon.com/Terra-Nova-Titanium-Skewers-Pack/dp/B007POB8IC) carefully like this to make a cradle for this 450ml Vargo (insulated lip) cup (http://www.amazon.com/Terra-Nova-Titanium-Skewers-Pack/dp/B007POB8IC) @63 grams. All you need to add is a mini-Bic (11 grams) and a spork (eg. http://www.traildesigns.com/accessories/ulv-titanium-spork @ 11 grams) & a cuben fibre bag (eg from zpacks @ 4 grams) to complete your cook set @ 97 grams!

With pegs configured like this the billy can't fall out.
With pegs configured like this the billy can’t fall out.


Bend them like this
Bend them like this


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