Some interesting stuff here…

Some interesting stuff here:

I DO like AMK’s new $25 pad. I will get some of these. Good for the daypack (or an emergency night in the bush) as is their Escape Bivy. Maybe carry a piece of cuben tape in case repairs are needed.

Another great emergency idea is the Blizzard Bag: ( which would go really well with this new mat.

The combined weight of the two items would be: Pad 185 grams + Blizzard 385 grams = 570 grams which is pretty good for an emergency and comfie night in the bush.

You could add my kitchen idea @ 97 grams (from 16/08/2014) and be able to cook a meal as well: Total: 667 grams!

Minimalists would opt for just the pad (185 grams) plus the Escape Bivy Light (165) grams) = Total 350 grams + a warm fire!


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