Hiking/Hunting Cookware



This is a great set-up for an overnight hike/hunt:

This is a Trail Designs Caldera Cone with a Toaks 1100ml pot & frypan lid. The ‘cone’ plus two titanium pegs weighs 44 grams. A ‘floor’ to prevent leaving a burn mark, if you care – & to facilitate lighting – weighs about 12 grams. This pot (inc. lid) weighs 156 grams. This cone also fits the Evernew 900ml ultralight deep pot (123 grams inc. frypan lid) – fine for one. I could not believe how QUICKLY it boiled @ 500ml of water. Both pots are available from Trail Designs. The cone also fits the Evernew 900 ml pot (with frypan lid = 123 grams) https://www.traildesigns.com/cookware/evernew-titanium-ultra-light-deep-pot-9l-eca265

These pots & etc are about as good as it gets (& surprisingly cheap). You can also use the ‘cone’ as a windscreen if you are using a metho burner (which Rand also sells – also with simmer control. I am particularly fond of Brasslite’s stove: http://brasslite.com/products/brasslite-turbo-i-d-backpacking-stove/ ): You can buy just the caldera cone to suit your pot for US$34.95 here: http://www.traildesigns.com/stoves/caldera-cone-system , or the whole kit here:

Another example an (approx 30 gram) Cone to fit an excellent small pot such as the Evernew Titanium 500ml Ultra Light Mug Pot (ECA266 http://www.traildesigns.com/cookware/evernew-titanium-500ml-ultra-light-mug-pot-eca266 = 74 grams inc lid US$62.95) will (with the addition of 2 x 7 gram tent pegs) give you a solo wood cooking system which weighs under 120 grams.

Add Snowpeak’s ‘Hot Lips’ to that so you don’t scald your lip: http://snowpeak.com/products/hotlips-2-piece-set-mgh-001?variant=671143453 (4 grams).

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