Ultra Light Dog Leash

Ultra Light Dog Leash: (8.5 grams): Mini ‘D’ carabiner 2.8 grams + 2mm spectra cord www.zpacks.com/accessories/carabiner.shtml

Sometimes we have to walk on a ‘road’ aways or keep the dogs from ‘hunting’ some other pesky hiker, particularly in NPs (where the JRs have every right to be – they are Australians TOO, and pay all their taxes on dog food, etc!) Lately, the prevalence of unexpected fox baits makes getting the dogs under control important too, so these lightweight leashes are the answer. I KNOW I could have made them lighter with (black) dyneema, but I have run out of it.  Great product: there is even a flat kind, good for shoe laces too perhaps. I could have omitted the clip and just had a loop at each end. If I hadn’t been so slack I could have spliced the two loops as well = 5.5 grams!

Ultra light dog leash
Ultra light dog leash

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