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I see Lumia (1020) has now included a 41 Megapixel camera on its latest phone (compare Samsung Galaxy K with 20Mp & 10x zoom: & Samsung-Galaxy-S4-Zoom with 16 Mp & 10x zoom) ). It won’t be long before the equivalent of 100 Megs is exceeded. The days of the camera ARE numbered. Likewise most other devices. Samsung Galaxy S5 ‘Active’ is waterproof to 3’. The Xolo Win Q900s is set to break the 100 gram barrier, & etc, etc. I need to reappraise my use of such devices. I was turned off by a 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab I bought which I NOW believe has a number of weird faults (I HAD thought that there was some incompatibility between me and touch screens, but I have been playing with Della’s Galaxy Note 1 – and it WORKS). She tried my Tab and encountered the self-same problems I have with it. When hiking (for eg) if there IS no service (or wifi) these features can be turned off. The screen can be set to black and white for ebook reading (to save power). You can turn the GPS off (and on when you need a fix) and just carry the phone as a camera in ‘sleep’ mode. I need to see how long the battery will last in these circumstances. I see I can buy (spare) batteries for her Note (43 grams ea) from eBay for $6ea (delivered!), and an external charger. If one can scale back power usage when hiking and carry a few spare batteries, (and/or figure a lightweight way to recharge them) it might be a viable alternative to a whole host of other devices. You can also now buy waterproof cases for a song! I am (also) playing with loading some topo maps (and the GPS feature) to see how this goes. It is hard to find them for Victoria, but I HAVE found a set,and an android programme which will use them and a way of adding georeferencing so that they work with GPS (mre later about maps)

Nokia above, Samsung below.
Nokia above, Samsung below.

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