Hiking Food: Bulgur Wheat

Hiking Food: There are quite a few suggestions and recipes below. I admit I hadn’t thought of using bulgur as an alternative to rice, pasta, couscous, etc, but it does have a different taste, so I will try it out. This site has some ready-made recipes which look very tasty: https://www.trail.recipes/recipes/bulgur-chili/

Pictured Della’s Tabouli:

See Also: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/a-hiking-food-compendium/


2 thoughts on “Hiking Food: Bulgur Wheat”

  1. You see that copyright notice on that bulgur wheat photo you stole from my website. You don’t have permission to use it. Please remove it. You seem to steal a lot of other people’s pictures, not just mine. What is up with that? Don’t you know that’s illegal?

    1. Sorry. No, I didn’t see it. Done. I will take a different picture next time we make some tabouli. Can’t imagine why you minded the free publicity though. It’s not as if I (ever) said anything negative about your site; quite the contrary. You seem to be unique in having such dudgeon. I guess you will want me to remove the link on my home page to your website too because you resent the traffic? Also done. Cheers, Steve. PS: It’s also passing strange that you deleted a (positive) comment of mine on your web page only to make a negative one on mine.

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