Gerber Knives – light & cheap!

Gerber Knives: For lightness (and cheapness) I recommend Gerber’s LST series knives, the ‘big’ one is around 34 grams, with a blade of  6.7cm (2¼”) & the ‘little’ one is around 17 grams, with a blade of 5cm (1.9”)
& I also like their Pocket Sharpener at around 14 grams.

Both knives plus the sharpener shouldn’t set you back more than around $25!

The knives take and hold an edge really well – much better than many heavier and more expensive knives. They are easy and kind to the pocket. Just great for everyday carry, and for all sorts of odd jobs around the farm. I know mine suffer terribly from being used as wire strippers when electric fencing! Nonetheless, though I have (ab) used them for years I am nowhere near wearing them out.

Try a couple!

LST Ultralight

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