GPS Phone Apps & 25K Vicmaps

pdf Maps
Pdf Maps

These 25K Vicmaps are GREAT and value @ $8 ea: They can be viewed with full georeferenceing functionality (ie GPS, etc) with this great App on your phone, tablet etc: You need never get lost and can safely plan your next adventure, eg to walk the ‘Upper Yarra Trail’ from Warburton to Walhalla 82 km (in which case you would need Neerim North 25k_T8022-2-N, Noojee North 25k_T8122-3-N, Walhalla North 25k_T8122-2-N & Walhalla South 25k_T8122-2-S). This trail should be a great treat in the warmer weather if you have 4-6 days, but you can do it in @ two day sections: eg the Baw Baw Plateau is magnificent (and @ 10C cooler than Melbourne). See:

NB: This App has been updated to Avenza which does not allow you to open an infinite number of maps you bought from somewhere else (eg Land Vic). You can still download the Pdf Maps. You have to uncheck ‘update’ to prevent it turning into Avenza.


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  1. Nice work on your website, reminds me why I can’t wait to get back to Victoria. Another good app, for your vicmaps/HEMA maps is ‘androzic’ its free and effective on the phone or tablet if you have a GPS that doesn’t require phone towers

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