New Zpacks Sleeping Bag

My wife Della’s new Xmas sleeping bag has arrived. I used to be such an advocate of Montbell’s Ultralight  Superstretch Down Hugger #3, a minus 1C bag – mine (recently) washed weighs 738 grams in its compression bag on my scales; still a great bag. Della’s new Zpacks Medium, Regular, -7C weighs 499 grams in its compression sack – and it is 6C warmer – as well as being 240 grams lighter! Astonishing:


4 thoughts on “New Zpacks Sleeping Bag”

  1. It seems sleeping bags are not an exact science.
    My brand new Montbell down hugger #3 regular size weighs in @ 800 grams plus 30 grams of compression sack !
    Yours Steve @ 738 grams freshly washed.
    The advertised weight online is 687 grams. Not sure whether that’s with or without the compression sack.
    Quite a variation.

    1. However, if you unravel the bag further and remove the the silica gel pack, the bag comes in right on the money haha
      I am a dill at times?

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