The things you find!

The things you see when you haven’t got a shovel! Our intrepid adventurers ventured off yesterday on an exploratory trip to see the ‘lost’ Yarra Falls. On the way they saw these wonderful bulbs (alstroemerias). NOW they am on a promise to return for a collecting trip. They figured there would be no (quasi) cops to apprehend them for trespassing on the Yarra Catchment, which was more than so – not a soul about, yet lots of lovely legal campsites (eg) along the Forty Mile Break Road.

They walked around quite a bit (it was warmer than expected) and have worked out the best point of approach and a possible loop walk taking in both the upper falls, the main falls the ruins/site of the Upper Yarra Hut, and returning via Track 12.  It would have been better if they had had Aall the relevant maps with them (including 25K Vicmap Matlock South T8122-4-S.

There will be quite a bit of machete work to get there, so an overnight trip.The Mt Whitelaw overnight trip will have to wait for a couple of cool days then too. They WILL have a shovel then. Must put one in every car. Such collecting is a must. For example, they brought back a wealth of beautiful daffodils from the Tyers ‘Glass House’ last year which are now ‘doing’ wonderfully in the garden.

Alstroemerias on the Link Rd Tanjil Bren


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