A Christmas Suprise

Ohboyohboy: We had a wonderful family Xmas yesterday: (mayhap even too much of) my wife Della’s delicious food, loving company, lots of generous and thoughtful gifts, etc… but our son quite bowled us over with the gift of two free return tickets to London!

As one of my friends remarked, this pretty much reduced me to speechlessness (now you know how to shut me up!) I had thought today to be playing with my new mobile phone, my new chainsaw attachment, my new hiking solar charger, my new hiking poles…but instead I find myself fraught with (planning) thoughts about what needs to be done before we can go, where we will go, what we will see. Will we be doing much hiking/camping out in ‘Blighty’ & etc.

No cities for me – but Della’s ancestors/mother were Londoners, so I guess that’s de rigueur. I’d guess we will end up doing one of our usual self-drive, take-it-as-it-comes, ignore-the-tourist-brochures types of holidays. I imagine I will check out some old ancestral addresses, so I can bore others speechless with slideshows of where great great great grandmother lived & etc. And of course, must visit Laugharne (see yesterday’s post)…

I confess, I had always believed that when my great great grandfather was sent out here in 1828 (for some minor property transgressions) we could never return…

The look of disbelief when we opened our son’s present.


Three years later, we are still planning the trip – but it is getting closer…and will occur this year: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/how-to-travel-around-the-world-with-just-a-20lb-backpack/

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