Canoeing in Gippsland

There are some major river trips which can be had wholly in Gippsland. For instance…Someday it is my intention to clear the Tyers River from Christmas Creek down to Wirilda Park (near the junction with the Latrobe). In the past I cleared some sections of this, (eg from Growlers down to Western Tyers (3-4 hours) and from the end of the W3 track (off the Tyers-Walhalla Rd) to Wirilda (3-4 hours). I figure a week’s lovely canoeing could be had along the quite pristine Tyers.

There are many long trips which can already be undertaken. (Of course, they CAN be broken up into shorter trips). For example, the Wonnangatta-Mitchell is canoeable from the Humffray River confluence (at the bottom of the Wombat Spur) all the way to Lake King (12-13 days). I particularly like the couple of days coming down to Eaglevale through serene, remote forested country.

The Macalister can be canoed (easily) from the Glencairn Bridge (on the Barkly off the Jamieson Rd above Licola – GREAT camping spot!). It takes @ 3 days to reach Lake Glenmaggie, from where you can continue on for a few days to Sale, if you wish.

The Snowy is a huge trip: 5-7 days from Delegate to McKillops Bridge; a further 8 ½ to Marlo = @ 15 days! I have already mentioned in a previous post @ 10 days on the Latrobe from Noojee to Batts Landing on Lake Wellington. Canoeing is such a CHEAP recreation.

A quite serviceable polyethylene canoe can be bought from @ $500. For many years we worked hard at wearing out a pair of Nylex Pioneers (@35kg each) which in our old age we have now replaced with a pair of Old Town Pack Angler 12’ Canadians @13kg each as we are getting too lazy (?) to carry the old ones!


4 thoughts on “Canoeing in Gippsland”

  1. Great little article! I have been thinking of planning a future Canoe hunt for Sambar in the next year or so. Would love to talk to you in more detail about thoughts for location if possible?

    1. Thanks Ammon, SO many rivers, so much bush. Are you quite experienced in canoes? I would recommend an overnight trip Basin Flat to Cheyne’s Bridge on the Macalister for example, but there are some Grade 3 rapids, and you have to be careful with river heights. Cheers, Steve.

  2. jack van berkel

    we have kayaked part of upper Latrobe tyres river etc.would like to talk to you via phone if possible. 0419167507 or 51955379

    1. Hi Cheryl and Jack. I’m currently setting up this website for my dad so he is still getting the hang of how to do things. I’ve sent him a message with a copy of your comment and hopefully he will get in contact with you. Sorry for the delay. 🙂

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