Yarra Falls 2

A reader writes: ‘Spent another seven hours yesterday pushing ever closer to this ‘lost’ treasure. From the top fall, the prostrate scrub was unbelievably thick for the next kilometre or so. I was wondering whether I should give up. I guess I spent three hours hacking my way through it, then after about another kilometre of ‘hill-siding’ I was on a relatively clear ridge. I advanced to about a kilometre of the position of the old hut at the junction of the two streams. I needed to return at that point if I was to get out before dark. The return took two hours! It took seven hours (over two days) to get to that point, so I am making progress. Any who chose to follow will have a delightful trip.

From just above my turn-back point there was a view through the trees of (what I took to be) the last two falls. Unfortunately I only had my mobile, so the photo is trash, but you can perhaps make out something in the middle of the snap. It is a tantalising glimpse: these falls do promise to be quite spectacular, tumbling down the valley around 250 metres (vertical). The largest in Victoria. No wonder in times past they were a major tourist attraction (to rival Phillip Island, Wilson’s Prom, the Grampians, etc).

On my next trip I hope to rediscover the ‘Falls Viewing Track’ (which crossed this ridge just below where I was) and wound along on the true right bank about 50-100 metres above the stream past the ‘major’ falls to the base of the ‘minor’ falls – and mark it!).

As well I would like to rediscover the ruins of the Falls Hut, which should be discernible in the thick forest because of its concrete floor and chimney. As well, I would like to discover a suitable camping spot down there somewhere…’

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Major Fall centre.
Major Fall centre.
Falls Stream crossing.
Falls Stream crossing.


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